TCS Share Price Target 2025, 2030


TCS Share Price Target 2025 Today we will learn about TCS and INFOSYS! Looks like it’s showing strength in the last few days! That as it was gone, as if a game was played! First raised and after lifting then bowed down and dropped!

First let’s talk about TCS when you will see in the chart of TCS! So there you can see the long Bearest List Candle! What a Bearest List Candle that Bearest List Candle of 31 January 2023 will be visible today! See you notice that thing! That today both Open and High are the same and the level of 3449 is visible! And you know very well! When Open equals High

So what does that mean

So it means this! That after opening the stock did not have enough strength to go up! Where it opened, it became high there and we got to see continuous decline! You can see that Low has been formed, 3351 and closing has happened, around 3358 that means there has not been much recovery even after becoming Low! You must be understanding what this means! That maybe selling pressure can remain on it! In the past few days which has been less eventful! That too must be presenting in front of you! It made a high of 3480 on 01 December 2022!

Will notice this matter very well! Correction inside it by making a High of 3480, a Low of 3163 on December 20, 2022 and after that we got to see a good Recovery! Right now all day long inside talk! It made a High of 3458 on 30 January 2023! This is almost the same level! Which it touched on 01 December 2022! That is, you can speak like this! That it is facing resistance in the zone of 3450.

The kind of fall seen today! Maybe the fall can stay inside it! The one which will be the red color line at the bottom! It is coming within 200 days, which is calculated around Rs.3312! If this level collapses! So we can once again see it falling towards its low of 20 December 2022 i.e. Rs 3163! Let us now know that

How has TCS been trading on the NSE

And we will tell you to go over the website of NSE! And you can check today’s date! 31 January 2023 Discussions are happening about Tata Consultancy Services Limited! Last Amount Rs 3358.50 Rs 75.15 A decline of more than 2.19 % is visible there! The High around Rs 3449.00, the Low of Rs 3351.00 and the Adjusted Closing of Rs 3358.70 are visible! We would like to know the details of volume and delivery as well! You can see 31 January 2023 Aaj Ko Baat Kare! So Quantity is seen being traded! Around 28,20,375 Share and Deliverable Quantity around 19,14,024 Share, % Of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity around 67.86 % ie the business is very strong! The lifters are also lifting the goods! This is also correct!
Now we’ll talk to see you! What is the opinion of Analysis about it! To know this, we will ask you to go by clicking on the Ticket Tab! Chat Forecasts Here! So Analysts’ Rating has coverage of 43 Analysis in front of you! 49% is the opinion of Analysis! Should you be buying inside it! Now we would like to talk about the level with you!

There you are being told the level of the Price Forecast, about 4530 above the Higher for January 2024 in front of you! Level of about 2635 is being told above Lower! Talking about Median, the level of about 3555 is being told! See, we believe that if you want to sell in the long term! So don’t run away after selling the goods! Sit comfortably and if you are a short term player! So it is better that you avoid it now

And now while continuing our Achieve, we would like to tell you the second Stock

TCS Share Price Target 2025, 2030
TCS Share Price Target 2025

Infosys, the second largest company of IT Sectors in India after TCS, see a very popular stock of IT Sector today, if we talk about 31 January 2023! So, you must be seeing this Bearest Candle scattered! Closing has happened today on 31 January 2023! A low has been made around 1534. Recovery has taken place after making a low of Rs.1513. But just notice this thing too! That today even inside Infosys, Open Paral High appeared!

And we had just seen this level of Rs 1548.90 inside TCS too! Open equals High and told you its meaning too! There is absolutely no power in the stock after opening! Stock could not go up at all after opening! Where it opened, it became high there, what does it mean! With the opening, there is selling pressure, so if we are seeing the same inside Infosys too

What are the Situations in these Indicators

There if we talk about RSI! So the level of RSI would be visible to us now! Around 52 and if we talk! Here, such a Situation Merge is visible inside the MACD of the MACD! Where you have bamboos of Histogram! They seem to be getting smaller all the time! If these Situations continue like this, then we will have to cross the Zero Line outside the Histogram!

Can be seen forming on the bottom! And from there again we can see the cycle of decline. So now the Situation is on top of the chart! Which is looking weak! Now we will tell you to walk on the website of NSE! The numbers that are visible there! That’s a bit Increasing! Talk about 31 January 2023 today

FAQ About Of TCS Share Price Target :-

TCS Share Price Target 2025

Date Opening price Minimum price
August 2025 Open: 4596.616 Min: 4596.616
September 2025 Open: 4661.082 Min: 4658.063
October 2025 Open: 4697.119 Min: 4693.213
November 2025 Open: 4705.766

:- TCS Share Price Target 2030

TCS is making strides in innovations, future-proof services and goods, and development of IT services and goods. The expected share price of TCS in 2030 is Rs 9,600.

Disclaimer: The news shared in this article is based on some estimates and data, please invest in share market or mutual funds at your own risk. We are not a SEBI registered financial advisor, we will not be responsible for any profit or loss incurred by you.

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