Pidilite Share Dividend History


Pidilite Share Dividend History Often you must have heard that people who do trading in the stock market say that our expenses are covered only by the dividend, then you must be thinking that what is this dividend, then we will tell you the dividend There is a profit earned on a commodity or a product, which is known as dividends or dividend. Some companies give their investor some percentage of the profit earned from their company to their investor, which is called dividends, similarly by the pidilite company. Dividend is given to your invest


Pidilite Share Dividend History Chart

Annoucement Date Ex-date Dividend






18-05-2022 26-07-2022 Final 1000 10.00 10.0000 Per share(1000%)Dividend
12-05-2021 27-07-2021 Final 850 8.50 8.50000 Per share(1000%)Dividend
28-02-2020 13-03-2020 Interim 700 7.00 7.0000 Per share(700%)Dividend
14-052019 19-07-2019 Final 650 6.50 6.5000 Per share(1000%)Dividend
24-05-2018 21-08-2018 Final 600 6.00 6.0000 Per share(600%)Dividend
19-05-2017 23-08-2017 Final 475 4.75 4.7500 Per share(475%)Dividend
20-05-2016 24-08-2016 Final 50 0.50 0.5000 Per share(50%)Dividend
08-03-2016 18-03-2016 Interim 365 3.65 3.6500 Per share(365%)Dividend
19-05-2015 14-08-2015 Final 290 2.90 2.9000 Per share(290%)Dividend
28-05-2014 9-09-2014 Final 270 2.70 2.7000 Per share(270%)Dividend
Pidilite Share Dividend History

Pidilite Share Dividend History India

Dividend to be given by any company is decided by the board of member of that company whether it wants to give dividend or dividend to the investor of its company or not if the board of member of the company is again decided to give dividend to its investor. If they do not want to give then they do not give dividend to their investors.

But pidilite is such a company which gives dividend to its investor. Provides 10% dividend to its investor, if you invest 1000 rupees in the company, then the company provides you ₹ 10 David & Provide

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