NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.


NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd Today we are going to know! Who doesn’t know about NTPC! And who wouldn’t want to know that! Its history about this NTPC i.e. National Thermal Power Corporation, this company was established on 7 November 1975! It started its first thermal power project in the year 1976 at Shaktinagar which is in UP. started there! And at that time it was a private limited. But this year this company became limited.

NTPC started its commercial operation in 1983. Means selling electricity and generating electricity! And it made its first project profit since 1983! Which was 4.5 Crores! And by the end of 1985, it had become the first company to generate 2000 Mega Watt Horse Power! Then in 1986, for its first 500 MW production, it set up a unit in Sing Rolly, which is in Bhopal! And commissioned 2 more units of 500 MW! One Rayon second Rama Kundam, in 1992 it rose Gandhi Uchhar Thermal Power Station which is a unit of UPCL in Uttar Pradesh! Together with that, by the end of 1994, it had increased its capacity to 15,000 megawatts! Then it took over the Orissa State Electricity Board in 1995!


NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.

NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd And in the year 1997, it had achieved so much achievement due to power generation! That it got the title of Navratna in 1997 itself! Which was given by the Government of India! Because it had achieved a milestone by generating 100 billion units of electricity so far! For this reason, the Government of India honored it with the title of Navratna Company. Then in 1998 it commissioned its first NAFTA West project at 350 MW Mayapulam! Nafta West Bole to Coal Waste and Power Plant, then in 1999 which was Tabadari Plant! As many as 96% highest Plant Load Factor in India i.e. PNF certified with ISO 14001!

Then in the year 2000, Himachal started construction of its first Hydro Power Electricity with 800 mega watt capacity. And became India’s largest power generating company NTPC Limited is India’s largest power generating company! NTPC is ranked 400th in the list of 2000 largest companies of the world in 2016. NTPC is one of the four companies honored to have this tester in May 2010! It is a public sector company of India. Which is registered in the Stock Exchange of Mumbai! Means it is registered!

NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.

NTPC National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.

At present India’s share is 89%. NTPC was established on 7th November 1975. The total capacity of the company is 50750 MW. At present, in which there are 20 coal based and 7 gas based plants located all over India. The power generation company has set a target of generating 128000 MW of installed power capacity by the year 2032. This company has a share of 17.73% of the total national capacity. The main work of NTPC is thermal power electrical and construction operator. It works to advise power producers in India as well as abroad. NTPC has 20 coal based power stations.

At this time electricity is provided to 9 states from NTPC. NTPC has to supply electricity to Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Delhi, Chandigarh. Its new 10 mega watt solar unit is also working! Apart from this, the accident that happened recently by NTPC! That’s a 500 Mega Watt unit! It was launched in April 2017! This unit was being trialled since 3rd September. Although electricity was not being supplied through it! So because of this the accident was a little less!

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FAQ About NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation Limited):

Q. What is the full capacity of the company?

Ans. The total capacity of the company is 50750 MW.

Q. Does NTPC discuss with any country other than India?

Ans. NTPC works to advise power producers in India as well as abroad.

Q. In which states of India does NTPC provide electricity?

Ans. Electricity is supplied from NTPC to Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Delhi, Chandigarh!

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