Kalyan Jewelers Share Price Expected 2025


Kalyan Jewelers Share Price Expected In the year 2023, we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the share market and there has been a continuous decline in the share market for many days, but we have not seen any decline in the share price of Kalyan Jewelers since the last 6 months. Month ago Kalyan Jewelers share price was only Rs.65 which has reached to Rs.121 as on date. We have not seen any kind of decrease in share price in last several years by Kalyan Jewelers India Limited when its IPO. When Kalyan Jewelers India Limited was launched, its share price was Rs 75.20 and today the company’s share has reached ₹ 121. As the name itself suggests, Kalyan Jewelers deals in gold jewelery and diamonds in the market. Kalyan Jewelers is a trusted name in the field of jewelery on which people trust a lot.

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Every person in the Indian market has a desire to buy Kalyan Jewelers’ jewelery at his home and in the Indian market only Kalyan Jewelers’ jewelery is bought by rich people, which contributes a lot to the company’s stock. Kalyan Jewelers pays special attention to its gold jewelery and diamonds so that no customer has any complaints and we have seen from the past years that people in the Indian market have a lot of faith in Kalyan Jewellers, which Due to this the share price of the company has reached from ₹ 75 to ₹ 121 today.

Kalyan Jewelers Share Price Expected 2025


From the estimates of the last 6 months, the expert believes that there will be a lot of ups and downs in the company’s stock, so that the expert believes that in the coming 6 months, the company’s share price may see a decline of up to ₹ 60 and the company’s share price It is estimated to go up to ₹ 180 and according to experts, the company’s share can go up to more than ₹ 200 in the coming 1 year and if you invest your money in the shares of this company today, then it is possible that in the future You can be given a lot of profit by Kalyan Jewelers. Kalyan Jewelers is a reliable company on which people have a lot of faith in the Indian markets, on the basis of which the company is doing its growth and due to which the stock of the company has seen a lot of ups and downs. Is

And a lot of money is also invested by Kalyan Jewelers in the advertisement of their company, so that it has a lot of influence in the Indian market and Kalyan Jewelers use well-known faces of Bollywood stars for their advertisements. Fan following is huge in the Indian market

Some Key Points About The Company:-

Established: 1993

Headquarters: India

Number of Employees: 7,803 (2022)

Subsidiaries: Kalyan Jewelers FZE, Kalyan Jewelers L.L.C, More


Quarterly financials


(INR) Sept 2022 Y/Y
Revenue 3.47TCr 20.22%
Net income 106.38Cr 54.78%
Diluted EPS 1.03 53.73%
Net profit margin 3.06% 28.57%

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