D-Mart Share Price BSE


D-Mart is a great company if seen! The way this company has grown since 10 years in the market, it has become One Of The Best Fastest Growing BSE Company in a year D-Mart Share Price BSE

There is no two opinion of India in this! And the founder of this company Sir Radhakishan Damani Ji can be my best investor and yours too!

If we talk about the company, then it is a very interesting company! If seen, our D-Mart Company grows in the whole world according to Market View on 531 Position at World Level! We always talk! What is happening in the market! For the last one or two years, there has been a decline. Or in the side zone but we do not get breakouts in the upper side! See a good information, our company is on the 501 rank of the world! Now we are telling its Market Tab which is in Dollar!

That’s 32.38 billion dollars! And talk in Indian Rupees (INR)! So 2.5 lakh stands, so see we have told some basic information! Look at the rank of D-Mart, we would like to tell you! That was $11.49 Billion Dollar Market Cab in 2017! Which increased to $ 40.64 billion in 2021! $ 28.43 Billion in 2023 If you see its three-year sales growth, it is 15.7%! This company has been running in the market for 10 years! Which is giving its best without taking any loan

D-Mart Share Price BSE

D-Mart Share Price BSE

D-Mart Share Price BSE When you will see it in its market range! So you will see the option of Blue Color which is the line of Price! And the option of Yellow Colour! That’s EMI! And which is Black Color option! o Have a DMI of 200 days! You will get to see all these options in the Range Chart of D-Mart! We also want to know about some of its best points! Which I would like to inform you!

(1)Company is almost debt free.
(2)Company is expected to give good quarter.
(3)Company has delivered good profit growth of 25.8% CAGR over last 5 years.
(4)Company’s medlan sales growth is 33.1% of last 10 years.

There are some points like this too! We have to know those who are giving negative signals.

(1)Stock is trading at 17.8 times it’s book value.
(2)Though the company is making repeated profits, it is not paying out divided.
(3)Company has a low return on equity of 11.8% over last 3 years.

D-Mart Share BSE

D-Mart Share Price BSE Means you can guess by matching it with the rank chart of D-Mart! We would like to tell you from our side! That this Company Long Time Investment is One of the Best Company! If you want, you can invest in this company without delay or hesitation! This is the D-Mart Company! This is the best company in the world! Who runs this company! India’s Best Man Of Sir Radhakishan Damani Ji!

D-Mart Official Website

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