BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited)

BPCL-(Bharat-Petroleum Corporation-Limited)

BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) Today we will know about BPCL, whoever has bought the share! He has got to see tremendous return of BPCL! And the decline of stock has also been seen here! Stock update as soon as it comes! What about BPCL! Privatization will be done! See you after that! So the stock which is there had reached above Rs.490. Now the stock price is running around 315.95. So a lot of decline has been seen in this stock! So today you will try this estimate of BPCL from Target Point! And many new updates have also come regarding BPCL! We will try to know about this stock as well!

Now let’s understand about stock:

So let’s figure it out! What’s going on in this! So here we have got to see the update regarding BPCL, so we will share it! That doesn’t mean it!

That is to buy the share of BPCL! To sell or not

Whenever you buy or sell a stock! Search yourself once before buying or selling shares, see BPCL’s share within 6 months! So -18.03 % decline has been seen in the stock! And see you here! The stock price was down here! Reached near 333, after that the stock once again gained momentum, but the fall that happened here can be seen there in Asia! While Share Price 301 had reached 400 after that! A lot of decline was seen in the stock! After that you will see -3.14% fall in BPCL stock within 1 month.

Even within 1 month, the stock has shown a tremendous share fall here! So whoever bought this stock at a higher price, BPCL has got to see a lot of decline! BPCL has given 3.03% return inside FIIDs in the stock! Let’s talk to these investors within 1 day! Making 0.83% decline would see this mean a stock! Will see the price of the stock within 6 months! almost reached above 400 here you will see! So reached 400 then what is there! The stock appears to be in the making! So whoever and whatever the investor here will keep buying this stock at a higher price! They have got to see huge losses here! Share Market Joe Analysis! Out of that we can see 85% believe!

That has gone by buying in stock! 12% to hold in BPCL and 3% to sell, we believe this! If you have taken the stock at a slightly lower price! Or will it be right for you to hold! At present, there has been some update in the stock of BPCL. We can see that! That has come! What is the update regarding BPCL! There’s an update from Ratings! So either from the very big information, or from the information that you people have from there, which is essential and important! Which are the main updates! Bharat Petroleum Corporation Company said! That Ratings has removed the long-term rating assigned to the company’s debt instruments from ‘credit watch with developing implications’ and assigned a ‘stable long term rating’.

BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited)

CARE Ratings said that this is done on account of the announcement made by the Departments of Investments and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) that the Government of has called of there previous account expression of interest for the study’s of the divestment of the jio voice and the The update of BPCL investment came! First of all because of that there are many update agencies. Got to see those people in the brokerage firm! Because of that, what rating is this thing being told here now! So let’s talk! If we guys buy into this! So we see this in BPCL stock! so you can see what is being said there

aimkay global ka maanana hai

A tremendous target price can be seen in BPCL’s share! Emkay Global has buy call on Bharat Petroleum Corporation with a target price of Rs 415. The BPCL current market share price has been seen by us! And as we speak! Whenever someone buys shares! Let’s keep a target price for it! He should see that for how many days his price is being told! can see there! Time Period given by Analyst’s one years when Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Price Can Reach Defined Target where those people believe! Could be within a year!

You can get to see Bharat Petroleum around! That’s you to pay attention to! That you will not hold! Still you have bought a high price in this stock! If you can buy BPCL, then you can go with a small target price! So you can see! In December 2021 Quarters, the promoters had only 52.98% stock of 52.98% in March 2022 Quarter as well! Mutual funds own 13.69% of the mutual fund! What is sold here! Investors had it in Retail and other! 13.23% and currently 13.48%!

FAQ About BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited):-

Q. Did the share of Other Domestic Institution increase?

Ans. Yes! Share of Other Domestic Institution had increased!

Q. Did the share of Foreign Institution increase?

Ans. This has also increased from 12.66% to 13.68%!

Q. What has been the stock of the promoters in 2021 and 2022?

Ans. Promoters had the same stock of 52.98% in March 2022 Quarter as well as 52.98% in December 2021 Quarters!

Disclaimer: The news shared in this article is based on some estimates and data,please invest in share market or mutual funds at your own risk. We are not a SEBI registered financial advisor,we will not be responsible for any profit or loss incurred by you.

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